Together, we can unlock your professional potential.

Whether it was leading organizations as a senior executive, building a hotel startup from nothing and developing it into a vibrant ownership and management company with nine hotels in diverse locations, reshaping a troubled business and turning it back towards the path to success, or working as the Chief Operating Officer for a large nonprofit, undertaking an ambitious new strategic plan, my goal in life has always been to make life better for my employees and our company or others and their organizations.


Providing action orientation, ongoing motivation, and support to attain important goals and results, and to enhance their usefulness and longevity.


Helping you secure new learning, empowerment, and leadership skills for addressing and moving beyond professional challenges.


Guiding clients to explore new options with heightened levels of growth, success, wholeness, performance, and meaning, leading to transformative moments.

“What are YOU going to achieve?”

No two programs are alike, as each one is custom-designed based on your unique position and goals. Because of the depth and diversity of his leadership career, Jerry offers the following areas of coaching and consulting to help you achieve your desired results:


Best for those interested in advancing to the next level of the leadership cycle, or executives looking to further empower and enhance themselves and their teams.


Best for professionals interested in pursuing a new career or navigating the move into a different position, company or new industry; or who are transitioning from a 20+ year career into part time or alternative employment scenarios.


Best for those who are developing or implementing strategic decisions or plans who want to identify and explore available and pragmatic options and approaches, and use effective execution and ongoing evaluation to maximize results and outcomes.


Designed for solopreneurs who move fast and beat to their own drum, or career-conscious 20 something or 30 something who want to build their personal and professional brand.

My Skills for Such Coaching and Consulting Come from Over 25 Years of Experience in…
– Real Estate, hospitality and hotel services
– Nonprofit organizations
– Legal services
– Startup development
– Residential camping organizations
– And my training in and graduation from an International Coaching Federation certified leadership coaching program at Georgetown University

Next Steps…

After you complete and return the Contact Form which indicates further possible interest in Jerry’s services, you will receive a “Scope of Services Form” from him, which you will complete and return to Jerry. Jerry will then offer a 30 minute consultation, free of charge. This is where you discuss your goals in more detail, and where Jerry also explains the program he would create to best help you achieve your goals.

Sessions are usually completed in a face-to-face setting, either in-person at Jerry’s office in Bethesda, Maryland, or remotely via Skype. Each session centers on specific leadership development topics established by the client , all integrated into the learnings and actionable items needed to address the client’s goal for engaging Jerry and Leadership Pathways.

Let’s Get Started