Leadership Strategies - The Path To Leadership - Jerry Herman


Combining the benefit of 25 years of leading companies with the skills and discipline required for effective and impactful leadership coaching anchors my background, my story, and my commitment to helping clients advance their careers.

After 25 plus  years of leading organizations on a 24/7 basis, I elected to retire from this status and to begin a new chapter. Having transitioned over this year, I have concluded  that being an executive leadership coach will best align with my passions, strengths and experiences. This path offers an exciting opportunity to approach the “art and science” of leadership from a new perspective, as a trusted adviser to clients in exploring their core beliefs, emotions and workplace issues so they can establish their own pathway to fostering sustainable change for themselves and/or their organizations.

The decision to become an executive leadership coach and to successfully complete an 8 months intensive program at Georgetown University for a Certificate in Leadership Coaching is a natural outgrowth of three decades of leadership as CEO, COO and board chair in startup, turnaround, and growth companies and organizations. My success in these positions has been inextricably linked to learning and using evolving leadership and management skills. Being an internal coach has been instrumental to growing teams with the energy and talent to achieve the vision and goals of the organizations in which I have served. In addition, a great source of pride has been the many colleagues who have personally, financially and professionally advanced, in small part, due to my coaching

To provide further background, my career experiences have solidified the  attributes I have relied upon to live an effective leadership “persona” in today’s fast paced and pressured world. They are:

PASSION for creating and implementing a vision, and inspiring the people pivotal to its success

“BEING CENTERED”  and IN SYNC with oneself and one’s family and career

COLLABORATION  and EMPATHY for building positive relationships with fellow employees and stakeholders to achieve a committed and trusting “TEAM”

DRIVE to achieve goals, product or program excellence, and results

APPRECIATION  and RESPECT  for having the opportunity to make a difference to individuals and organizations, and to partner and learn with colleagues

STEADFASTNESS and resiliency  in temperament, judgement, analysis, emotional intelligence and intuition, including during times of crisis.

The attributes  raised above speak to the obstacles, expectations and complexities many organizational leaders face in today’s “real time” world. As part of any engagement,  my clients , as desired and needed, will be empowered and challenged to define their own leadership attributes and requirements.

Leadership coaches, if prepared and committed, can provide a critical support system in helping executives make informed decisions and pursue improved pathways which increase the likelihood that their journeys are defined by fulfillment, meaning and impact.

And, those principles will guide my coaching practice and my commitment to my clients.