Professional Development Consulting - Jerry Herman


Using my passion for growing effective leaders and understanding of the demands and skills needed for successful leadership, I am committed to developing a “coaching” practice based on excellence, transparency, impact, and results.

Based on my competencies – developed over 25 years as a CEO, Chairman, and COO of corporate and mission-driven organizations – I look to effectively stimulate a client’s use of their VISION, PASSION, and LEADERSHIP. This eventually leads them to the development of relationships and of a TEAM possessing:

  • The human capital to achieve high levels of ENERGY, values, and trust; and
  • An ACTION orientation and ongoing MOTIVATION to attain important goals and results

I help to guide clients to explore new options with heightened levels of growth, success, wholeness, fulfillment, and meaning. This leads to transformative moments over time that make a key difference in a client’s important professional and personal journeys.

I look forward to working with you!