Different leadership styles and approaches are the topic of ongoing discussion, the source of countless books, blogs, social media content, and debate. And indeed, there are no simple answers to the essence of leadership and one shoe does not fit all leadership scenarios.

Also, leadership fundamentals and best practices are always evolving and reaching further levels of sophistication and scope. Often, leaders’ successes are closely aligned and dependent upon building “TEAMS”. Without effective TEAMS, it is very difficult for leaders to execute strategic or business plans or key projects at the core of an organization’s existence.

So, we begin a journey together to explore the prerequisites for a successful TEAM… the five concepts of TEAMs described below are based on my twenty-five years in the C SUITE involving start-up, growth and turnaround companies, as well as non-profit mission-driven organizations.

The core TEAM characteristics are simply illustrated in the following acronym: V equals TEAM

V. VISION—a leader and his or her TEAM must have a vision and a plan for the success of their mission or key goals

THE TEAM must possess:

T. THE HUMAN CAPITAL NEEDED and operate under a work culture based on respect, trust, and transparency at all organizational levels


A. The ACCOUNTABILITY to each other and continuous ACTION
ORIENTATION for achieving the VISION or GOALS

M. The MOTIVATION TO MAXIMIZE MARKET SHARE and Financial Results and Profitability (the “FINANCIAL CAPITAL”).

Your comments are welcome –and in future issues, we will explore each
element of the TEAM and their relationship to, and underpinning of ,
successful leadership.