Over the past months, we have been focusing on “Core Leadership and TEAM building components”. With the start of 2019, we want to use these communications to get down to the basic building blocks of TEAM.  The essential ingredients of effective leadership rise or fall with the scope of trust and authenticity in your organization. Too often, such words are to loosely used.

Authenticity is born out of conviction, confidence and staying true to yourself as humans are social animals and trust comes from the feeling we have when you get a sense of somebody. You are “authentic” only when you say and do the things you actually believe, then people will trust you.

A leader’s success can multiply when you have an organization built on authenticity and trust.

Trust is a ‘workplace currency’, in that its value is demonstrated through the exchange — it is given and received- employee trust is revealed through employees’ everyday behaviors and the same holds true for management. Like all forms of currencies, trust is convertible into real-world value.

When your employees work hard that trust is converted into productivity. It refers to the willingness of employees to be vulnerable to the actions of their organizations based on the positive expectations of their organization’s intentions, values, and performance. When employees trust their organization, they perceive them as being fair, dependable and competent. Your job as a leader to consistently be transparent with your employees so that the trust between both parties doesn’t get diminished.

Organizational transparency is strongly connected to employee trust. By being transparently open about information to your employees it allows you as a leader, the ability to gather honest and candid feedback which can help your employees understand your decisions and you to understand their actions.

Some takeaways I have learned from being on both sides:

  • Understand the value of employees’ trust and include it as part of your core organizational values.
  • Construct an overall transparent organizational communication structure to produce an engaged workplace and build employee trust.
  • Integrate authentic leadership and transparent communication skills in various training and mentoring workshops for managers and employees at all levels.
  • Create common goals and make sure that employees understand their goals are aligned with your mission.
  • Share as much information as you can. Make your employees feel trusted, and then they trust you more.
  • Never give orders! Be a Mentor and a Coach.
  • Take the blame for failures but share credit for successes.
  • Listen, Listen, and Listen. And, the last but not the least, walk the talk.

One of the things as a leader that you can really build a company around is trust; authenticity. You demonstrating every day that you are who you say you are.  The day you say one thing and do something else, you lose the whole trust of the organization.

Jack Welch

If you’re seeking to become more authentic and have a company built on trust, please feel free to contact me and we can chat further!